Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Month Into Marathon Training

Well, it’s been a whole month since I started marathon training with the Team In Training. Today our ‘long run’ was 7 miles. It was my running partner Cindy’s longest run to date. She did great! She’s a better runner than I am. She doesn’t even break a sweat!   She will have no trouble with this marathon! 
Next week is 8 miles. That’s the farthest I have run before. So after that, I’ll be in uncharted territory for me. I am curious how I’m going to do as the mileage increases. The mileage during the week is increasing as well. 
I have a fear that as the mileage increases all I'll be doing is going to work, running and sleeping. I have noticed I need a lot more sleep now than usual. I chalk it up to the extra physical activity and work stress. Ironically, the running helps manage the work stress. 
So: work, run, sleep, repeat.


Anonymous said...

Good job on your run yesterday! I think the increase in mileage means we'll be eating out more often since both of us are running more. At least our activities don't cost much money! Love you!

Brian said...

Keep up the good work Jill! BTW, would it be ok to send you a personal check instead of going online to make a donation for your marathon? Thanks.