Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Back! (Mayor's Marathon Part 1)

Sorry for the hiatus especially during race weekend. Our team was put up in the Hilton which doesn't have free internet. I'd pay for it but it was ridiculously priced. Besides, I had very little time to be in the room anyway.

So now, the team has left and we've moved to a condo for the remainder of our vacation. We're still super busy trying to see the sights in the few days we have. But this is good news for you as this will keep my posts short. I know I sometimes have pretty long posts. What can I say? I write like I talk.

So let me give you a brief update on the race and I'll post more details and pictures in additional posts.

First, it was super easy to switch to the half course at the expo. I was worried there wouldn't be any spots for me and I'd have to suffer through the full course and tear my body up or suffer a DNF (Did not finish). Either way, there was going to be suffering going on if I couldn't switch.

But the super-friendly helpers switched me over right away with no fuss. That part was easy. However, the second I turned away from the table, tears immediately rose up in my eyes. I was so sad! I've never had to give up a race I trained for. I've done two other marathons and it went the way it was suposed to: train your heart out, race your heart out, take a break to recover, then repeat cycle.

It didn't work out that way this season and I was so disappointed. My injuries were no where near healed enough for the full. So I knew I was making the right decision. But it was still really hard. I also wondered how much it was going to hurt doing the half course as the last training run we did was only eight miles and pain was setting in at mile six. Bummer.

My husband seeing my tears, put his arm around me, squeezed and gave me a pep talk, reassuring me I was doing the right thing.

So during this race I was thrilled that the pain didn't start setting in until about mile 10 and it wasn't too bad. WOOT! The down side is that it appears I didn't do enough cardio cross-training as I was trying to recoup my injuries because I could barely run! I'd start running and I'd run out of breath way too soon. I'd slow down but I couldn't run slow enough and still keep my breath. So I walk almost all of it.

I HATE walking. It's so boring! And it takes forever! But if I'm on a course, I will finish it. Period. So walk I did. And when I came in, Kris said I looked a lot better than most of the racers coming off the half course.

That still didn't make me question my decision to switch to the half. There's no way I could have gone another 13.1 miles. Besides, I wanted to end with my legs still attached to my body so I could enjoy the rest of my vacation. And I did. Mission accomplished.

I'll give you the highlights of the course in my next post and I'll tell you the significance of this athlete in the bright blue top and why I could only get a shot of her from the back.

Until then, keep moving!


Matthew Oakes said...

So you are back in Santa Maria, or still at the condo for the rest of vacation? I was a little confused about that.

Anyway, don't be so damn hard on yourself. You are as bad as Korey! I have to spank you both.

You did way more than a lot of people are even willing to try. I am just glad you guys were able to get away and enjoy a much different bit of scenery, especially after what you both have gone through with both of your health issues.

I look forward to reading more and I want see pics of Alaska and the wildlife too.

Ron said...

Congratulations on finishing the run! I think you did the right thing in switching. Your body will thank you and give you many more years of running. Thirteen miles is still a LONG way. You forget that. I could never run/walk thirteen miles. Thanks for doing it for all of us. Have fun in Alaska!

Kira said...

Yay Jill!
I have been dying to know how it went, so glad you were able to switch to the half and that it went well.
Can't wait to hear more details after you get back.

Kris said...

Great job on the half, woman! A good runner knows how to avoid permanent injury. You obviously made the right choice so you can run again another day. You are amazing!