Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Telling a Tale on My Husband

Last year while I was on a training run with my TNT team, my husband was waiting for me at the finish. I was about 1.5 miles out. So I took a moment to send a quick text to let him know I'd be in soon.

My Text: "Just passed the high school. B in soon. <3"

Apparently Kris doesn't know "<3" represents a big heart (i.e, "Love you") because when I got back he said, "Wow! You're really fast today!"

"I think I'm running about to pace today. "

"You said you had a little less than 3 miles to go. But you made it back in like half the time it usually takes you."

"When did I say I had less than 3 miles to go?"

"In your text. You said, 'less than 3'."

<3 = Less than 3 [Miles]

LOL! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

And the Winning Photo Is......

At the beginning of each marathon season, my husband takes my 'promo shots'. These are the picture(s) I use on my letter, cards, website etc. It's sort of 'branding' for each season. This way, my donors can easily identify my various communications as marathon related.

This is the first year we chose an 'action' shot. I like it because most people know I run with my dog. So I like that the picture shows that. Isn't she a good looking dog?!

We went to the beach. So I had to wear my '5 fingers'. I don't train in my 5 finger shoes. But I love walking in them, and if you're going to the beach there is no other shoes to wear. They are great! It's like getting a foot massage as you walk! You can feel the little mounds of sand, pebbles, etc as you walk. But you have a rubber sole so you aren't getting cut etc. Best beach shoes EVER!

Anyway, kick off is today which means I have to get serious about the running schedule. And I still have orders for four beanies to finish. (I'll post pics of my new ones on craftsvscancer.blogspot.com as soon as I can). So I'll be too busy to get into any trouble for awhile. :)

I'm curious to hear what other people think of 5 finger shoes if you have them. Do you use them primary for walking or are you full-on training in them? Let me know.

PS. Here is the non-action shot we chose for this season. Once again, Heather steals the shot! :) What a cutie!  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Mystery of Hurrleberry House from Jim Zimmer on Vimeo.

A movie clip of a scene from "The Mystery of Hurrtleberry House". Written by my friend C. L. Ragsdale.

Enjoy! (And congratulations C. L.!) :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My New Year's Post

We all know the tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. It’s a heady feeling to think of turning over a new leaf and tackling the items we’ve been wanting to start or quit. The idea of starting fresh is encouraging. As the year marches by, we get bogged down with life’s minutia and soon we start feeling dragged down and not so fresh.

In fact, this sense of being bogged down accelerates quickly as obligations (self-imposed or otherwise) continue to pile on top of our shoulders starting on January 1. By January 31st 80+ percent of us have dumped our resolutions and by  Christmas 97 percent of the rest of us have as well.

So why bother? Well I do enjoy that heady feeling of excitement and possibilities when setting down new year’s goals.

This year however, I decided to approach it differently. Being ambitious, I give my all to whatever I do. It’s like all or nothing all the way. And let me tell you, doing something all out, chews up a lot of time. But do I really have to do everything 100 percent?

Some things maybe

Like marathon training. For me, it wouldn’t work to say I’m going to train for a marathon for the next six months, but only do it for some of the weeks. That’s not going to work.

But what about my last year’s resolution to add strength training on top of my running routine? Strength training can greatly improve anyone’s running. But is it critical to do it 100 percent for me to do marathons? No. I have run marathons just fine without strength training.

So while it would benefit my running, it isn’t something that I should bust my head over to do. Because to add that on top of everything else I’m doing would cause me undo stress and limit my enjoyment/benefit of the other items in my life as well as lead to frustration and feelings of inadequacy when I don’t keep up with it.

So moderation is the key there. 

I could make a resolution: ‘Strength train four times a week’ and add it to all the other resolutions. Then be very frustrated when 30 days later I give up because I can’t manage all these priorities in only 24 hours a day.

Or I can make a resolution: Strength train one day a week. That way, I‘m adding something new without risking getting overwhelmed and dropping it just a month later. I’ll likely strength train more days over the course of the year, than I would have if I tried to do four days a week and burned out early.

Moderation is the theme for me this year. Except for marathon training. That’s a High Priority, All The Way item for me this year. But more about that in another post.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CarrotsCarrots by Colleen Helme

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a fun read! The antagonist is a most unlikely lady to get mixed up with an organized crime boss. But she does! Her lawyer husband is none too please. Neither is the good looking detective she knows as "Dimples". But he doesn't know about her crimes ties...yet. And to make the story even more interesting, the uber-hot body guard to aforementioned crime boss has been assigned to keep tight tabs on her. Which happens to be very handy for her.

A fun, fast, funny ride. And it all started because of some stupid carrots!

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