Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Bye Zombies, Run! 5k Training...

Tonight was my final 5k run in the Zombies, Run! 5k training program. As I expected, it was a great run! Oh, and I thought it'd be cool if I got a 5k PR (personal record) on this run.

****Minor Spoiler Alert****

I knew before the run that my mission would be to run a very important package to Bert Airfield. So I thought it would be fun to do the run at our local airport. It's just down the street from my house. So it was a common running spot for me. Also, they have a museum of flight at one end of the property with old retired planes, etc. So I thought it'd lend itself well to the 'stage' of the story. (You know, because my imagination alone isn't enough). HA HA!

As I ran some of the characters from previous runs popped up. And I started to make connections between these characters and the characters in the regular game that I had been playing before I stopped to play the 5k version. I realized I knew the future stories of these characters and not all of them were happy. Then I was sad.

But I had to keep running. Sam was counting on me!

I assumed the 5k would entail running out to the air field and back to the base. So I routed the run so that I'd reach the air museum half way through the 5k. I reached the air museum half way through the run.  I was wrong. It took the whole 5k to get to the base. So I was nowhere near the air museum by the time I reached it in the story. Oh well.

Of course, the end of the mission was dramatic and very very satisfying. The guys at Bert Airfield had an especially great surprise for me. I won't tell what it is because it'd be a MAJOR spoiler for those who will be doing the training runs. (And you all should because they are just so fun!) :)

So after the official mission I was so excited to see if I had PR'ed on my 5k. So I pull my phone out to check and  I touched the screen where I shouldn't touch the screen and LOST MY RUN!!!!!!!!

Oh crap!!! Is the mission finished? I didn't hear the "Mission Completed" announcement. Oh no!! Is it going to show I finished?? Am I going to have to do the whole thing again? Can I recover it? Oh man! What a horrible end to what was supposed to be THE run of the series. I can't believe this!

So I started to frantically touch the screen on my phone hoping to recover it. I found an option to "Restart?" Yes! Restart! Phew!

But the time/distance started over. I had no idea if I would be able to find the first run on the site when I  got home and if it would show I finished the last run.

So I just kept going hoping for the best. There was quite a bit more commentary after making it to the drop site. I was happy I kept going and I did hear the "Mission Completed" announcement.

I loaded the girls and myself in the car to head home. After giving my husband a blow by blow of the run, (he's a very patient man) I checked the web-site to see if both parts would show on the site or just the last 12 minute run. They were both there! Phew!

But I missed my 5k PR by ....one minute.

I'll be starting the regular Zombies, Run! game again. I think I'll start back on Mission #2 as I want to refresh my memory of all the little details of the story. Because as I remember when I switched to the 5k game... there were some pretty fishy things going on at Able Township. .........

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