Monday, January 31, 2011

Go Ahead, Laugh at the Gadget Girl

As you know, I love my gadgets. You may remember I got a little bit of teasing from my fellow runners from the TNT NWM team because I always ran with my Nike+ AND my Garmin. But let me tell you, I was happy I had both tonight. Nike+ paused itself tonight at the .21 mile mark. Grrrrr!

But my faithful Garmin tracked the whole thing! Run saved! Woot! Woot!

Did it again

Untitled by anjil1206 at Garmin Connect - Details

Just a little slower than the last time I did this route.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting back to it.

Untitled by anjil1206 at Garmin Connect - Details

I had fast splits tonight. If I can keep the progress up I can shatter my 2010 marathon time. 9 months to marathon 2011!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Impossible is Nothing

Impossible is just big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.

I don't know where this quote originated. But I want to live it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Forgotten Marathon Moments #2: The Safeway Mile

Different sponsors would sponsor a mile of the marathon course. Safeway’s mile was cool because they had employees holding inspirational signs and there were also signs on the payment. There were several different signs. But the one I remember most:

“You own this road: because of all the Friday nights and Saturday mornings you gave up.”

“Noooo shit.” I thought.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Running on Coffee only

Untitled by anjil1206 at Garmin Connect - Details

I took off on this run on nothing but my morning coffee. Not so good. I walked more than run and felt the dehydration. But at least I got the run in. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nike Women's Marathon 2010 / Team In Training LLS

As I mentioned last month, I'd be posting some other people's videos of the 2010 NWM. Here is my FAVORITE by a runner named Nicholas. It was his first marathon too. And he ran to raise funds for cancer research also.

Not only is he a great marathoner, but he can run and shoot video like a pro!! As I watched his video, I could feel Nick's spirit. You probably can too. You can tell he is a loving soul. I sure hope I see him at NWM 2011. Go Nick Go!!!!

Little bit of trivia on this video. Nick started the same early start as I did. Of course I don't know him and didn't know he was running but you can tell by his video, he was only about 20 -25 feet behind me in the starting corral. can see Kris (my husband) in the row of spectators on the right side of the screen (he's the tall guy holding the camera) at time stamp 1:38. How funny!!! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Forgotten Marathon Moments #1: Raining tampons

As I run I almost always think about how wonderful it is that women are ‘allowed’ to run today. I bet the majority of women runners don’t even know that in the last 100 years women were not ALLOWED to officially run because of a mistaken belief that they were too fragile, that it would de-feminize them and hurt them physically. (Specifically, that their uteruses might fall out!)

At the turn of the 20th century, the Olympics only had short races (e.g., 440s) that women could compete in. It wasn’t until the 1984 Olympics did they FINALLY add the first marathon for women. Are you kidding me??? Less than 30 years ago women were not allowed to run a marathon in the Olympics! Crazy!

So I appreciate every run I do because I know I can do so freely, without criticism and with as many of my running sisters who care to get out there too. (I think my husband thinks it’s a little sexy that I run. Though he doesn’t talk about those things because he’s a gentleman).

So while I was running MY first marathon, I was tickled when the gal running in front of me opened her pack to get a gel and several tampons fell out!

They bounced around on the ground in front of me before rolling away to who knows where. I just grinned. She grinned, shrugged her shoulders and kept running.

I’m against littering. But I was cheered to know that hard evidence was left behind that we women were here. Some of us were running on her period, some were running pregnant. It didn’t matter. We were running. Free. And we would all live to run another day. With every one of our uteruses in tact.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Demon Bitch Needs to Keep Her Mouth Shut!

So my husband and I went to a New Year’s Eve party at our good friends the Oakes. They throw the best parties and are so gracious. I couldn’t think of many places I’d rather be than there.

I even dressed up for the occasion. After all, with my schedule I rarely have the time or the interest in putting on makeup and putting thought into my outfit.

My poor husband. When he leaves for work in the morning I’m still in bed. So his last picture of me before he leaves is me in frumpy pajamas, bed head, bed face and morning breath. Pretty.

Then after work, I grab the dog and go for my ‘run’. So his first picture of me when he gets home is me all sweaty, make up melted off, hair pasted to my head and baggy sweaty clothes. Super-Pretty.

My husband always says he does not find ‘barbie dolls’ attractive. He likes women to look ‘natural’. Great! Now if he would just swing a little further to the “I like frumpy girls” then I’d have it made!

So, I took this occasion to wear a cute retro-dress with knee high boots, did my hair AND make up! Oo la la! I knew I looked cute. But when I took that last look in the full-length mirror, I heard that demon bitch that lives in my head say, “God! You’d think after completing a marathon, you wouldn’t be so fat!”

I hate her. The last time she spoke up in force was at mile 11 of the marathon. On a regular day she needs to keep her mouth shut. But for her to bad mouth me DURING my marathon was particularly evil. So I duct taped her mouth, hog tied her and threw her in a closet that day.

She must have wriggled herself free again since then. Damn mouthy bitch. So once again, I got the duct tape out, re-tied her (this time to a chair) and threw her back in the closet of my mind. She better keep her mouth shut at the party tonight. I am in NO MOOD to put up with her!

So we went to the Oakes and as usual, there were a bunch of people and a lovely spread. I ‘let’ myself eat what I felt like because it’s a party for God’s sake and I trust myself not to do any serious damage.

Our pastor was there and we were talking. He mentioned the marathon and I don’t think the poor man understood what kind of mistake that was. I started talking and couldn’t stop! I was telling him about doing it again this year and what I was going to do differently. I’m afraid he didn’t get to talk much.

I swear when Marlene came by to say good night he made his escape. I turned my back to give Marlene a hug. When I turned back around, he was gone! I’m sure he was glad to get out with his life! LOL!

Anyway, the evening continued delightfully. While my husband and I were sitting and chatting with several others in the living room, Pastor came by and introduced his girlfriend to everyone. When he got to Kris and I she exclaimed, “Oh! You’re the runners!”

I was shocked! She knew? Even if she remembered by name that a ‘Jill’ ran, I would have expected her to question it when she saw me in my short and heavy person. (Especially with my hand in the chip bowl as it was at that time).

But no, she acted like it was the most logical thing that I would be a runner.

I went back in my mind and opened the closet door. That bitch was still tied in the chair with her duct taped mouth. She had obviously been struggling as her chair was tipped over and she had to look up to me from the floor.

“Did you hear that bitch?” I said to her, “I’m not a fat lazy slob! I’m a runner. Take that!” Then I slammed the door on her. Haven’t heard from her lately.

One reason I decided to train for a marathon is I knew it’d help me feel better about myself. I knew I had a strong healthy body and I always felt like that should be enough. I wanted to be an example for other people, especially overweight girls, to not put too much stock in their size. But appreciate their healthy bodies instead.

I wanted them to see that you can do anything you put your mind to and not to wait until “I lose weight”. No, do it now and while you’re at it feel good about your body now. As it is. Healthy and strong.

Some of us heavy people put off getting out to ride or walk or run or anything we might like to do because we are told (by ourselves or others) that we can’t do those things. How fun it is to discover what you can do! Gain back the confidence and self-worth you and our culture took from you!

If big girls felt good about themselves and knew they are not limited by their size, they would have greater life satisfaction as they will be less likely to put up with people’s crap toward them. Because they will no longer believe they don’t deserve as much respect just because they can’t keep their bodies at a a size 5 like everyone says they’re supposed to.

I lived that life way too long in my childhood and a lot of my adulthood. I am still fighting my demons around body image. I hope I can help others get the upper hand on their demons.

So I get pretty discouraged when that demon bitch busts out and gets me. But, I know it’s likely to be a life long process to keep her quiet and out of the way of my happiness. But that’s ok, because I have strength, determination and an endless supply of duct tape!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Running

I’m embarrassed.

I’m from Iowa.

That’s not why I’m embarrassed.

I’ve been living in California for the last 20 years and I am now a total wimp when it comes to the cold.  There was a day in college when us Iowans were thrilled because the temperature was up to 45 degrees! Half the campus grabbed bottles of baby oil and laid out on the hill overlooking the pond to ......sunbathe!!!

I’m not kidding. It was the first ‘nice’ day in six months and we thought it was hot out!

Now if the temperature drops below 60 I only want to crawl under a thick blanket on the couch and watch re-runs of Drop Dead Diva. 

So when I needed to go for a ‘run’ in the COLD RAIN on Sunday, I caught myself whimpering.

My Iowan friends would be so ashamed! They would’ve said, “What is WRONG with you! It’s gorgeous out! Let’s go!” And they would’ve ran outside in their shorts and t-shirt. Crazy Iowans!

I can always spot a tourist from back East in the winter time. Not because they have a camera around their neck. But because they are the only ones in tank tops and shorts with their winter white legs glaring at us.

I envy them.

I wish I felt the same about sub 60 degree weather. It would be so easy to get my runs in if I were like my friends back East.

But no. I have to cajole, manipulate and trick myself into getting out there.

So first I had to convince myself I had the right clothes. I had winter running clothes. So no problems. But then I couldn’t find my fleece lined running tights. Oh no! I’ll be way too cold if I wear unlined leggings!!

Well, I have a warm long sleeve running top and I’ll wear my cool Nike Women’s Marathon rain jacket to keep me dry. Then I decided I should cover my head. Even though the sun wasn’t out, covering my head will keep me from getting wet and will keep my core temperature up.

So I told myself, I’ll wear my NWM’s “Finisher” running hat. (A Christmas present no less). That way as cars drove by and wondered why the hell I was out there on a cold rainy day, they could see the bright pink “F-I-N-I-S-H-E-R” and know: “Ah ha!” They’d think to themselves. “She’s one of those crazy people! .... Nutbar!” Then they’d drive to their nice warm house.

So my self-badgering worked and I hit the pavement. Because, unlike Nike will have you believe, it’s not about “Just Do[ing] It”; it’s about doing it even when it’s hard.

You  may understand the need for this internal struggle in order to complete an hour-long running session in such ‘tough’ conditions. But this was for a short warm up which would last 20

I’m a wimp.

I’m embarrassed.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Book Review

Watermelon by Marian Keyes is about a young, first time mother who hears, “I’m leaving you,” from her husband the same day she gives birth to his child. He’s leaving her for another married woman who lives in their apartment building.

The opening caught my attention immediately. Then the book slowed down for me until the middle where it turn an interesting turn. The second half of the book was intriguing and fun and the wrap up was tidy and very satisfying.

I enjoyed the cast of characters and the surprises in the second half. A good fun read to be sure.

Two For Two!!

Today was the second day of my strength training routine and I wanted to do ANYTHING but weight train today after work.

In fact, just thinking about doing strength training tonight made me grumpy!!!

But I did it anyway. And I'm really glad I did.

But now I'm tired. Goodnight! I'm going to bed. :) Sweet dreams everyone!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Message to My Ankles

I’m sorry you’re still not feeling great since the marathon. But training has started and I don’t like postponing or delaying our routine. We have five months until we start running with the team. Think about how much improvement we can earn before then!

How cool will it be to show up super fit at the first team run? What will Coach Jim and April think when I come in before at least a few of the other runners??? How awesome will it be to already have my ‘hill’ legs before the coaches run us up Ratcliff and Bishop? How utterly satisfying to clear the courses consistently sub- 13:00!

And see, I can’t do any of this without your cooperation. So, I need to let you know, if you don’t respond quickly to rehab and get on board, I’m kicking you off the team. We’ll run this thing without you.

You want to stay home while the rest of us go out and push our limits, gain strength and burn hills that used to burn us? You really want to miss all that? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

See you on the road!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well so far, so good. According to my schedule, I was to do strength training today. Part of my pre-marathon training is to strengthen not just my legs but my upper body and core. Even though it seems like running is all in the legs, the best runners train their whole body.

When you have upper body strength and good core strength, you can go longer and stronger on your runs. It’s great also to prevent injury. I was so focused last season on just getting the distance down that I didn’t feel like I could take on the strength training too. So now is the time. I have a good base fitness and it’s time to take it up a notch.

After a warm up walk I did one circuit of about 10 exercises. Prior to my first marathon season I was strength training regularly and would do about three circuits each time. I was exhausted after just one circuit! Ugh! I have to work my way back again.

Keeping up the strength and marathon training is going to be tough! But I think it’s going to be worth it!

When I was in the shower after the work out today, I found myself leaning against the shower wall with my eyes closed. I was so tired! And the warm water felt great!

I started thinking how a mantra would help me get through the fatigue. In fact, the TNT coaches recommended it last season. But I never got around to creating one. (I think I was too busy trying to breath and keep my feet moving). But as I was thinking about it in the shower I remembered a great song I learned at church. It was short and had a tune that was fun. It would be perfect for my mantra. It goes a little something like this:

I am free
I am unlimited
I have no chains that bind me
I am free
I am unlimited
Right now!

That’s my mantra for 2011!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Here we are at a new year. My dad called me today and said “My head is swimming with all you have planned for this year!” He doesn’t even know all of it! :)

I have a plan. It looks good on paper. We’ll see how well I can execute it.

Already this year I feel like I’m starting behind. I had planned to start my pre-marathon training. What I mean by that is I wanted to show up at the start line for this year’s marathon TRAINING more fit that I started last season. So I expected to be deep back into my running now and even adding speed and hill work by now.

As it happened, I am having to rehab my ankles. For some reason, they are not back on track since the marathon. The good news is, they are not terribly painful. But they are sore when I try to run on them. Sometimes they are sore even just during the day for apparently no reason.

Again, they aren’t painful and it’s not causing me to limp or anything. But they are definitely not as strong as they were when I did my marathon. So the plan is to do strengthening exercises on them every other day and I’ll do my running routine but walk it instead.

I had decided to start my marathon training schedule over again and work up until I was running half-marathon’s every weekend and hold steady there until I start running with the team again. But I’ll have to walk the mileage instead, which takes more time. But since my ankles felt a little sore on my last walk outing, I’m sure I shouldn’t be running quite yet.

It bothers me. I don’t understand why my ankles aren’t back in shape by now. But I have to “stay calm” as I tell my husband, because I have five months before the marathon training officially starts which is plenty of time to get my ankles back on board.

So, besides:

Training for a marathon
Making a ton of crafts to raise funds for cancer research
Finish my book
Redecorate the house
Spend more time on spiritual practices
Completing the Chicklit 2011 challenge
and keeping up on my blogging

I also plan to:
Add strength training to my weekly routine (this will help me stay injury free)
SAG or at least mentor for the Summer TNT team (this is the session just before my fall team)
Oh, and my husband started a Photo challenge (take one picture everyday for all of 2011) which I joined!

Holy cow! Keep checking back to see how I’m doing. Even I am curious how this is going to turn out! :)