Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kicking Ass, Making Friends and Lovers in the Park

First of all, my pace is increasing by leaps and bounds! I’m not really trying. I just get out and run. But I’m getting faster! My average page tonight was under a 13 minute mile!!! (12:58)
I felt great too! I think my shoes are shot. But that can be fixed. 
As I came back to my car all nice and dripping with sweat I saw a guy getting out of his car obviously about to start a run. He caught my eye and I said, “Have a good run!” He stopped and asked me if there was a running trail in the park. I answered him brilliantly by saying, “Kinda.” Then I tried to explain how he could run through the park and catch the multipurpose path. I think I just confused him. But he thanked me and off he went. 
I continued to my car and saw several young couples lounging and cuddling around the pond. It was so cute! I also saw a young dad with two kids. One was an infant and the other a toddler trotting around. Sweet. 
It was a crisp summer evening. It was perfect!

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klance said...

Congrats on increasing your pace! Mine has slowed a little since I started training and running more frequently (also since the weather has been warm, but I'm hoping to get it back up there as my body adjusts...and now that I can track it with my new fancy schmancy Nike+! :-)))