Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running in the Rain

I've been following a running program since July. It's pretty easy to run in July. Unless of course you live in one of those areas that isn't just hot in July but humidly hot. (Like let's say Iowa).

But it gets harder to run when the weather changes and it turns 'cold'. Cold to me now is anything under 70 degrees. But in places where it really gets cold (like let's say Iowa), cold is more like -70 degrees. No one runs in Iowa in the winter. Except that one guy in Des Moines. But I think he's being chased.

Anyway, I am doing what I can to stick to my running program even though it's 'cold', and dark and like the other day rainy.

I always say, "It's not about doing it. It's about doing it even when it's hard." So even though the forecast was for rain that day I packed my running clothes and had my husband drop me off at the office on his way to work that morning.

I was going to run home after work. Only 2.5 miles which is a regular length for me since I am still very slow. But at least I am running. I was able to leave work early that day. So at least I wasn't running in the dark.

But I was running in the rain. It was a light rain by Iowa standards. In Iowa the rain is usually heavy. But there's not a lot of substance to California rain. So it was not too bad. I'd be a little damp when I arrived home. But I didn't fear being soaked.

So I am running on the sidewalk down the main drag that happily leads right into my neighborhood 2 miles down. It had been raining all day and I noticed this road floods when it rains! The road was two lanes in both directions and I noticed the cars consistently moved to the left lane when passing me as to not splash me. One driver couldn't move to the left because there was already a car there. So she slowed down as much as she could and crawled past me. All she did was lightly spray my sneakers. No problem. I had already had to run through a couple unavoidable puddles. My feet were wet anyway.

I thought this was really nice; how she did what she could and the other cars we taking care as well. It's times like these that my faith in human kind becomes restored. Sometimes I get so discouraged by the show of hate in the world. Sometimes I believe we really are going to kill all of us. That evil will prevail because humans just are jerks and can't get it together and learn how to love each other. But this encouraged me!

So I was glowing. My steps were strong and light. I was thinking, I can't wait to tell my husband how nice the people in this town are! I knew he'd be happy to hear it as he is the one who usually has to put me back together when my faith in humankind is flailing.

And then I heard it.......


Oh no! The car was coming fast! I saw the wave coming up behind me in my peripheral vision. The wave towered over my head and came crashing down in a frigid, muddy, gritty, FRIGID dump! It didn't shower down on me. It dumped!

The shock of the cold took my breath away. I was gasping trying to get my lungs filled up again. I checked the road quickly. The left lane was clear. They could have gotten over. That and the speed they past me as well as how their car was hugging the curb, told me that was intentional. Mean spirited humans.

I kept running.

I didn't show any reaction. We all know that it would be most satisfying to them for me to show signs of surprise or upset or better yet show signs of anger. Flip them off or yell at them. No. I'm sure they had a good laugh at splashing me. But I was not going to give them any bonus material.

I kept running. And enjoyed my run. I enjoyed knowing many more people took consideration toward me. I enjoyed the cooling effect of the wave (after the initial shock). I enjoyed the fact that it didn't phase me. I could keep running with dirt on my face, street water dripping from my hair, the weight of a now soaked backpack, grit in my shoes and wet cloudy glasses.

I enjoyed being a fat girl running. Who wouldn't let anything stop her.