Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

8 Miles with TNT

8 Miles with TNT by anjil1206 at Garmin Connect - Details

I suffered a little in the middle of the route. Some challenging hills. Hopefully, my body will recover quickly because I have to run again soon. Wish me luck!

(Video to come soon)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

THis one is for my Dad

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I wore my heart monitor for the first time in a long time. Took it easy this run. Short little 3 miler. Got a thumbs up by a driver. That was cheery and much appreciated!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kicking Ass, Making Friends and Lovers in the Park

First of all, my pace is increasing by leaps and bounds! I’m not really trying. I just get out and run. But I’m getting faster! My average page tonight was under a 13 minute mile!!! (12:58)
I felt great too! I think my shoes are shot. But that can be fixed. 
As I came back to my car all nice and dripping with sweat I saw a guy getting out of his car obviously about to start a run. He caught my eye and I said, “Have a good run!” He stopped and asked me if there was a running trail in the park. I answered him brilliantly by saying, “Kinda.” Then I tried to explain how he could run through the park and catch the multipurpose path. I think I just confused him. But he thanked me and off he went. 
I continued to my car and saw several young couples lounging and cuddling around the pond. It was so cute! I also saw a young dad with two kids. One was an infant and the other a toddler trotting around. Sweet. 
It was a crisp summer evening. It was perfect!

I broke 13! I broke 13!!!

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I broke a 13 minute mile over a 4 mile route tonight!!! Wahoo!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Evening Flight

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My pace was great tonight and even included about 10 minutes of walking warm up. Which means, when I was running, I was running FAST (for me anyway).

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why I Love My Husband

Tonight I casually asked my husband, "Do you think I should count my calories and look at what I am eating while I'm in training?" His response:

"I will do everything in my power to see that you don't."

Good answer.

Kris went on to say that he thinks if I 'dieted' while training, it would cost me the marathon. "You wouldn't get enough calories and your body would break down and you wouldn't finish the training."

I agree that I wouldn't make it through the training portion either but for a different reason.

Those of you who know me well know that dieting is a dirty word with me. Dieting is so emotionally charged for me that it absolutely does me more harm than good. If I tried to count calories and fat intake etc I would go crazy. Seriously. It would just pile additional stress to an otherwise exciting experience. And I have more stress than I need already thank you.

I have become so focused on my training. It has been so enjoyable and exciting to watch my progress. Not to mention the great feeling you get during a run. But I am also having fun planning the runs, plotting routes, and running with the team. It's all I want to think about. And think about it I do! A lot.

So I can't help but think what impact my eating might have on my performance. I think "what would happen if...." But that is a very slippery slope for me. I definitely can't afford to slip off the edge. So, I'll just try hard to listen to what my body tells me. If I'm hungry, of course I'll eat. If I'm craving french fries I'll have them. If my body is telling me it needs a gallon of Chunk Money ice cream then hand me the spoon and get out of my way!

I'm curious as the mileage increases how my body will respond. I expect I'll get hungrier.  I mean, I'll be burning some serious calories along the way! But I wonder if I'll have cravings. I expect to crave sugar and salt. But I wonder if I'll crave fried foods like I do now. Fried foods and running don't seem to mix. The thought of that heavy food in my stomach doesn't make me feel light on my feet. So I wonder if I'll stop craving that as the mileage  progresses. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, please pass the ketchup. :)

Hilly Run in Atascadero

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I feel like this was our first hill training run. There were some good rollers on this route. One hill tried to kill me. But it didn't. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Month Into Marathon Training

Well, it’s been a whole month since I started marathon training with the Team In Training. Today our ‘long run’ was 7 miles. It was my running partner Cindy’s longest run to date. She did great! She’s a better runner than I am. She doesn’t even break a sweat!   She will have no trouble with this marathon! 
Next week is 8 miles. That’s the farthest I have run before. So after that, I’ll be in uncharted territory for me. I am curious how I’m going to do as the mileage increases. The mileage during the week is increasing as well. 
I have a fear that as the mileage increases all I'll be doing is going to work, running and sleeping. I have noticed I need a lot more sleep now than usual. I chalk it up to the extra physical activity and work stress. Ironically, the running helps manage the work stress. 
So: work, run, sleep, repeat.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I burned it up tonight!...Almost hurled...but I burned it up!

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I had a 13:13 pace tonight. I think that's my best pace yet. And I was tired tonight starting out. But I alway feel better after a run!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Four in SLO by anjil1206 at Garmin Connect - Details

Four in SLO by anjil1206 at Garmin Connect - Details

Four Miles In SLO

This was a great route in SLO with the Team In Training.

At one point I turned a corner and was faced with a long straight away on a beautiful residential street. I tried to capture the quaint beauty in this picture. However, I don't think it gives it justice.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Heather Kind of Freaked Me Out

Heather seemed to be dragging a little bit around the 2 mile mark on our run today. It was a little warmer than usual so I was worried she was too hot. So I stopped in the shade to give her some of my endurance drink. I usually don’t bring a lot of water on a 6 miler but thought I’d try it today to see if it improved my performance (it did).
So I wondered if Heather would drink it. She didn’t. I didn’t know if she didn’t drink it because she wasn’t thirsty or if it was because it wasn’t her regular water. But we kept running.

I had taken her to the vet for a check up before we started taking her on our runs to make sure she was ok to start running and to make sure I knew what I needed know to be a good steward of her on the road. We discussed the fact that Heather is a long haired dog and may have more trouble with heat than short hairs and reviewed the symptoms of over heating and exhaustion.

We usually don’t take water on our runs because they are relatively short. But I was second guessing myself about not bringing water specifically for Heather since it was slightly warmer than it usually is when we run. I started looking for a water fountain on the trail we were running. But there wasn’t one.

I saw a puddle and let her sniff it in case she wanted to drink. I don’t normally let her drink out of puddles. But I thought if she needed it, it was better than nothing. She was not interested. I kept my eye out for other symptoms of over heating (heavy panting, diarrhea). No signs. Good.

But I wondered why she was dragging. Kris thinks she gets bored running. She’d rather run all over the place sniffing every leaf and blade of grass. I can believe that. So we kept running and I kept my eye on her.

As the mileage crawled by, the day heated up just slightly. At the four mile mark
we ran past another puddle and this time she stopped to drink. I let her. When we had just a mile to go, I felt like the temperature had creeped up again. I stopped for a drink and Heather looked at me like she wanted some. I had half a bottle left. I unscrewed the cap and I poured some of the drink into it. It’s my usual way to share my water with Heather. This time she drank it up! So I kept pouring more in as she lapped it up. I was really happy she was drinking. I took one big slug and let Heather drink all the rest. I guess she just wasn’t thirsty the first time I offered.

We had less than a mile to go. I knew we’d make it just fine. But Kris and I talked about it later that day wand decided a 10k is as far as we should run her, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. She can still go on the short mid-week runs. But as our mileage increases on the weekends, Heather will hang out at home and we’ll take her out for a shorter outing to the dog park or some other fun place. :) But until I can discuss her running program further with her vet, I’m not chancing it.

My Own 10k

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Hate Running at Lunch

I hear people talk about running at lunch. (Mostly men). And I can’t understand how they can get changed into running gear, run a decent distance, shower, get back into work clothes AND get back to work in an hour! If your a guy you probably run 5 miles in half an hour and you don’t have to blow dry and re-style your hair and put on make up. Lucky ducks!! So maybe it’s plausible for you.

While we’re on the subject, I’ve never understood men who cross dress. Why go through all the trouble if you don’t have to? I think it’s such a waste of time. Why can’t I just go all naturale? My husband would love it if I did. But I can’t bring myself to go to work without my game face on.

I have some cross-dressing friends and have posed the “Why?’ question to them and the best answer so far has been “Because it makes me feel pretty.” Yet, I just can’t relate. And by the way, my cross-dressing friend, you are pretty! Even without make up. Bitch. :)

So this whole week, running in the morning has not been working out for me. So I have been running at night. But, because I’m on the late shift at work now, that gets me home very late after my run and I barely have time to eat let alone keep up with the fundraising activities I need to stay on top on. So today, I just HAD to have some down time after work.

So I arranged to have a two hour lunch so I could run and get home at a decent time.

So I had to pack and schlep all my running clothes and gadgets and girly gear to the gym. After running, I had to take an abbreviated shower. You know how after you work up a great sweat you keep sweating! And if you are in a locker room it is already humid. So I hate putting on clothes when I know I won’t stop sweating for another hour! And has anyone tried to put on makeup when your face is sweating??? Ugh!

So that was my lunch. I BARELY made it back to work in my two hour time frame!

I think I’m going to have to manage the morning runs ... even if it kills me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010