Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cool Things I Saw on My Run Tonight!

We had some really good rain storms today. I LOVE rain! I love running in the rain. However, today's rain was a little heavy for even me to go out. So of course, I waited until there was a break in the weather. Then I made a 'run' for it! :)

I was worried about the rain starting again while I was out only because I had to run with my glasses on. (I had liner tattooed on my eye lids. So contacts for at least a week).  Not only do glasses fog up in the rain, but they get wet. Try wiping them on a sweaty shirt. Gross. So I was hoping to get back in before the rain came back.

But it was a run of 'firsts'. It was the first time running with my new running tattoo. (Even though it was cold out today, I wore my capris just so I could 'show' it off).  It's on the back of my calf so when I race the runners can see it as they pass me. LOL! :)

I wore my Runner 5 shirt for the first time today too.

Speaking of the Zombies, Run! game, the story still is getting better and better. (We found out who was stealing from the base, I made a new running friend, and have a 'solid' in with the guys at Bert Airfield. Sweet).

Runner 7 came out to run with me today. Or as I call him "Mr. Sexy Voice". I may be developing a small virtual crush on that character!

I dug out my 'leash belt' today too. I haven't ran with it in a long time. I don't know why I stopped. It's just a one-inch webbed waist belt that you can clip the dogs' leashes to so the dog's are tethered to me. That way, I can run hands free without breaking the leash laws by having the dogs running loose. I found the dogs don't pull as much when tethered and my form is much better too!

Tethered running is actually a sport called Canicross. It's a form of urban mushing. I'll have to remember to do that from now on. I love running with the dogs and they love it too! A great way to spend quality time with them!

Then, when we were only about a mile out, we saw this:

Then as I turned back into our neighborhood, we saw this:

Yep, it was a great run tonight!

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