Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Second 9 Miler

So last Saturday I had my second 9 mile run. The Team was running  a 6 mile sponsored race and adding 3 miles to it to make their 9. I opted to run ‘with’ my husband instead and avoid the long drive to the race site. 
Kris was running a  16 mile route. So he let me sleep in. Smart man. The plan was for me to run out the same route as Kris to the 4.5 mile mark and run back. That way we’d be sure to see each other on the run. 
And we did. We actually passed each other on opposite sides of the street. We waved to each other and then Kris grabbed his phone and it looked like he was texting as he was running. That takes talent. I wondered who he was texting. Oh! It was me! “I love you!” That kept me running! :) 
At the 5 mile mark I got another text “Run Jill Run!” That’s how I knew when Kris had finished his route. 
This second 9 miler was much flatter than my last 9 miler. I was running pretty good and staying pretty comfortable. I had seen a lot of bikers on the road this day and remembered it was time for the Tailwinds Windmill ride. The Tailwinds always put on a good ride!
I was at the corner to the entrance of my neighborhood. I hit the crosswalk button and heard, “Thanks” behind me. 
I turned and saw a cyclist waiting to cross the street too. 
I said, “Hi. How far you going today?”
“100 miles. (pause) and I have 38.5 miles to go,” he finished tiredly. 
“You can do it! You’ll make it just fine!”
“I hope so! So how far’s your run?”
I hated to tell him I was almost done with my work for the day, “I have 9 miles today.....I’m 8.5 miles in.”
“Good for you,” he grinned.
“You are so going to make it. You’re looking really strong. No worries!”
“Thanks. You know I was a runner before I started biking. I got a stress fracture so  started biking while it heals.” 
“That’s funny. I was a biker before I started running.”  
The light turned green and we crossed together. Then we went our separate ways. I’m positive he not only made his 100 miles, I’m sure he came in in style!

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