Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Ice Cream Man Stalks Me

So I was out on a regular run one day and feeling tired but good. I hear the familiar jiggle of the ice cream truck. Do do dododoo da da doodaloo!
“Ah, ice cream,” I think.
I kept jogging expecting the truck to pass me but it didn’t. I just kept hearing the music “Do do dododoo da da doodaloo”. I looked over my shoulder and low and behold it is crawling right behind me. 
There were no kids around. There is a park just a couple blocks up but he’s not heading that way. He’s rolling behind me. Do do dododoo da da doodaloo.
I speed up and I make a hard right onto a side street. I hear the truck behind me. Do do dododoo da da doodaloo
About half a mile up there was an entrance to a trail that ran between the houses. So I tried to ignore the truck and kept running until I hit the trail. Do do dododoo da da doodaloo
So I jumped onto the trail as soon as I could and while I could still hear the ice cream music, it was muted Do do dododoo da da doodaloo
I enjoyed the trail until I had to turn back onto the street. And saw the truck WAITING for me! Do do dododoo da da doodaloo
It was waiting at a stop sign. It could have turned left or right to make a loop around the park (where all the kids are). But it just waited. To see which way I would go. Oh great!
I slowed down just to see if it would turn. Nope. It just waited. So when I went to the left, I was not surprised to find that it turned left and followed me. I know Ice Cream Truck was just waiting for me to crack! He had been following me for four blocks now. I was sweating and slowing down. He knew it was just a matter of time. :) 
Luckily my house was only half a block away. I did a final “Hail Mary” sprint, flew through the front door and locked it behind me! And I heard the disappointed Ice Cream Truck pass on by.  Phew! 


Kris said...

This is your strangest post ever. I don't know whether to laugh or be upset. Is this true?

Ron Harton said...

Sounds like something out of Stephen King or Ray Bradbury! It would make a good short story. I bet it improved your time!