Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Wonder If the Team Notices I'm Missing?

I haven't ran with the team in a couple weeks as I've been running with my husband on Saturdays. 

The 9 mile run a couple weeks ago was amazing! We ran up Pt. Sal road for 4.5 miles and back. It took me part of the way up Pt. Sal itself. So I got some hill training in. But the coolest thing was a coyote ran out in front of me on the road! I have never seen one that close before. It was so neat! We also saw a HUGE gopher snake when we got back to the car. I almost stepped on it!!! It was at least 4" in diameter and a least 6' long!! Holy cow it was like Wild Kingdom out there that day!!!

But the best part was that I finished the 9 miles! I couldn't believe it!! It seems so long! So there I was running back down the route watching my Garmin count the distance 7.76 mi, 8.10 mi, 8.5, (OMG I think I'm going to make it), 8.74, 8.81, 8.90, 8.92, 8.94, 8.97, 8.99 .....9.00!!!!! I made it!! I was so excited I threw right arm up and punched the air in enthusiasm and then I pumped both of my arms above my head "Rocky" style and I heard beside me, 

"How far did you go?"

I look over and I see a couple cyclists (who I had seen earlier on their way up) grinning at me. I was so embarrassed they had seen my display. "I uh, did 9 miles. ...I've never ran that far before"

"That's great!!" "Good for you!" They said. They rolled along side me for awhile chatting about running and biking and they were so nice and enthusiastic for me. So I wasn't so embarrassed after that. :) 

Kris of course was back at the car by that time and shortly after that is when we 'discovered' the snake. 

I've also started focusing on running negative splits each run and while it's hard to stay slow in the beginning of a run when you feel fresh, it seems to really improve my over all pace and I run more comfortably over the course of the route. So I'm going to keep that up and see what happens. 

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klance said...

9 miles!! Yes! I am nervous because I have to run 10 tomorrow, but you have encouraged me (as always). And dang, that's a HUGE snake! Stay safe out there in the "wild".