Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Will Keep Running

So I’m working with my trainer at the gym this morning and found out she has had breast cancer three times and was just diagnosed last week with a type of cervical cancer. It happens to be the same type of cancer her mom died from.

Why do some of us seem to go through repeated suffering when others seemed blessed to ‘sail’ through life?

I will never know the answer to that question. But I do know I will keep running.

I will keep running
Because when life’s devastating injustices threaten to crush my spirit, running keeps me encouraged.
Because when my inability to make sense of these injustices drives me crazy, running keeps me sane.
Because I can use my running to raise funds to help people.
Because many people would like to run but can’t.
Running hides my tears in my sweat.
Running keeps me healthy. (Though it’s no guarantee).
I will run because I can (and it’s wrong to let an ability be taken for granted).
I will run to encourage others to run.
I will run to show strangers that I care and support them.
I will run because no one minds if at the end of a marathon you just sit down and cry for awhile.
I will run because to stop will allow the demons to over take me.
I will run until I can’t run any more.

And I will slide into the next realm used up and finished with my race.

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