Sunday, December 4, 2011

Have been plagued with injuries since my marathon. After the marathon I had an over use injury on my achillies tendon. I went to physical therapy and during the second week of therapy, I pulled my calf muscle! And, just for fun, my plantar fasciitis started acting up. But they all got under control and my husband and I were off to a fun weekend in Carmel where we were going to enjoy some fresh trail running! :) 

I am so disappointed! I was so excited to trail run in a new place after my injuries seemed to be completely healed. My physical therapist said to let loose on this run to test my injuries as he and I both felt they were healed and I would go in for my last appointment tomorrow to tell him how it went. As far as I could tell, all the injuries were healed up. But only about two miles into my run on a beautiful downhill piece, my ankle rolled to the side, down I went and I heard a big crunch!

I sat there in the middle of the trail and I was scared! I knew I was hurt. But I didn't know how bad. My first instinct of course was to call Kris who was somewhere on the same hill range. But I didn't know where. I didn't think I should call him until I knew how bad I was. But at the same time, I was afraid to try to move until I talked to him. I think talking to him gave me the comfort I needed and the motivation to get up and move toward him.

So I called him. It probably was a stupid sounding call because I told him I hurt myself and I didn't know if I could walk. But I would meet him at the ranger's station and if I found I couldn't walk, I'd call him back. At least I had a good idea of where I was so if I had to wait, he'd be able to find me. 

But luckily I could walk though it hurt and was scary. I was so glad to have Heather with me. Her presence kept me calm. She was totally unbothered which she showed by chasing quail and other small animals that scurried in the brush on our way down to the RS.

I made it to the ranger's station and Kris was there shortly after that. I was feeling better since I made it all the way to the RS by myself. I thought it couldn't be that bad of an injury.

We got back to the Inn, iced it for awhile. Then it was time for lunch. We had a really nice lunch and did a little shopping. Bad idea! After the first shop, the pain was getting worse and worse and it started swelling up.

Back to the Inn for more icing. It hurt to have ice on it and I couldn't get in any position that was comfortable and I couldn't put any weight on it. We decided we better get it looked at. Urgent care was closed so to the ER we went. I was out in 1.5 hrs which I thought was pretty good for an ER visit. X-rays showed no fracture. Thank you God! Bad sprain and an air cast for a week. Crutches suck. They make my arms hurt. But at least I won't be on them for long.

I am not looking forward to going back to physical therapy tomorrow. I know I am going to catch hell!

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Ron said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you are injured. Hope you heal quickly and can build up those ankle muscles stronger than ever. I'm sure you are already thinking about next year's marathon.