Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nike Women's Marathon 2010 / Team In Training LLS

As I mentioned last month, I'd be posting some other people's videos of the 2010 NWM. Here is my FAVORITE by a runner named Nicholas. It was his first marathon too. And he ran to raise funds for cancer research also.

Not only is he a great marathoner, but he can run and shoot video like a pro!! As I watched his video, I could feel Nick's spirit. You probably can too. You can tell he is a loving soul. I sure hope I see him at NWM 2011. Go Nick Go!!!!

Little bit of trivia on this video. Nick started the same early start as I did. Of course I don't know him and didn't know he was running but you can tell by his video, he was only about 20 -25 feet behind me in the starting corral. And.......you can see Kris (my husband) in the row of spectators on the right side of the screen (he's the tall guy holding the camera) at time stamp 1:38. How funny!!! 

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