Saturday, January 1, 2011


Here we are at a new year. My dad called me today and said “My head is swimming with all you have planned for this year!” He doesn’t even know all of it! :)

I have a plan. It looks good on paper. We’ll see how well I can execute it.

Already this year I feel like I’m starting behind. I had planned to start my pre-marathon training. What I mean by that is I wanted to show up at the start line for this year’s marathon TRAINING more fit that I started last season. So I expected to be deep back into my running now and even adding speed and hill work by now.

As it happened, I am having to rehab my ankles. For some reason, they are not back on track since the marathon. The good news is, they are not terribly painful. But they are sore when I try to run on them. Sometimes they are sore even just during the day for apparently no reason.

Again, they aren’t painful and it’s not causing me to limp or anything. But they are definitely not as strong as they were when I did my marathon. So the plan is to do strengthening exercises on them every other day and I’ll do my running routine but walk it instead.

I had decided to start my marathon training schedule over again and work up until I was running half-marathon’s every weekend and hold steady there until I start running with the team again. But I’ll have to walk the mileage instead, which takes more time. But since my ankles felt a little sore on my last walk outing, I’m sure I shouldn’t be running quite yet.

It bothers me. I don’t understand why my ankles aren’t back in shape by now. But I have to “stay calm” as I tell my husband, because I have five months before the marathon training officially starts which is plenty of time to get my ankles back on board.

So, besides:

Training for a marathon
Making a ton of crafts to raise funds for cancer research
Finish my book
Redecorate the house
Spend more time on spiritual practices
Completing the Chicklit 2011 challenge
and keeping up on my blogging

I also plan to:
Add strength training to my weekly routine (this will help me stay injury free)
SAG or at least mentor for the Summer TNT team (this is the session just before my fall team)
Oh, and my husband started a Photo challenge (take one picture everyday for all of 2011) which I joined!

Holy cow! Keep checking back to see how I’m doing. Even I am curious how this is going to turn out! :)

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Brian said...

Like the new look for your blog! You do certainly have an ambitious 2011 planned out. Good luck in achieving those goals. In regards to your sore ankles, have you looked into upgrading into some new running shoes?