Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Dog!!

Wow! Another great run tonight. I still can’t believe I love running!

I am so not built like a runner. I only started running a couple years ago to keep up my fitness during biking’s off-season. I told myself I would put my nose to the grindstone and just tough out a couple runs a week for the few winter months and be done with it.

How surprised I was to end up loving it!! Even tonight I got home late for work and I wasn’t looking forward to having less time in the evening for relaxation. But I wanted to run. It was so worth it. Even though it meant getting back late and not having much time before bed.

It was great! I ran well and the night was gorgeous! Perfect temperature and the stars were so bright! And even an hour afterwards the ‘afterglow’ is still burning strong.

And then the icing on the cake is that Heather really made me proud on the way home. We were walking back through the neighborhood. I don’t have her on the leash anymore. She behaves so well now that I just carry the leash with me.

Heather was trotting several yards ahead of me when I saw her perk up her ears, look across the street and trot faster. I looked across the street and saw a guy I’ve seen several times walking his two large labs. They were heading our way and of course I didn’t want Heather to bolt across the street to say “Hello”.

So from several yards away I yelled, “Heather! STOP!”  and she stopped.

Then I yelled up “Heather! SIT!” and she sat.

Then I yelled, “STAY!” and she waited for me.

I didn’t hurry up; in fact I didn’t change my pace the whole time. I just kept my casual stride as I called commands up to my awesome dog who obeyed perfectly and immediately.

I walked casually up to Heather and took my time attaching her leash and then said “Ok, let’s go!” And she jumped up and walked with me the rest of the way home.

All in front of our neighbor guy. Who incidentally was working hard to keep his excited dogs from running across the street to see Heather. Let me tell you, I was a proud mama!! J

We practice what I call ‘remote commands’ when were in the field. And I was so glad to find they work under ‘real’ situations. There is nothing like having a well trained dog! (She got many treats when we got home).

We both had a nice run tonight. Heather decided to nap next to my running shoes when we got home….ZZZzzzzzz

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