Thursday, December 18, 2008

Second Run in Iowa

Well, I had to run on the treadmill yesterday. I don't look forward to that since running outdoors is so much more enjoyable in my opinion. Unless of course you're in the middle of Iowa in the middle of winter. 

It actually wasn't bad at all. I had my i-pod going and the time when by pretty fast. It did seem to drag more than it does when I'm outside. But not near as bad as I expected. 

I enjoyed watching the other exercisers for one thing. There were a lot of people there for 10 am on a weekday. But there is just a TON of machines in their cardio room. So no one had to wait for anything. 

While I was on the treadmill, I saw four stationary bikes with monitors on them. I watched until someone got on one. Come to find out, they are those 'virtual' bikes where you can choose a route and it's displayed on the monitor as you pedal. I have heard that the resistance changes automatically according to the displayed route. So, if you are climbing a hill on the monitor the resistance will automatically increase on the bike. Sounds fun! 

I was in a hurry to get back home as my dad's buddies (collectively called the "Hog Bears") were coming over for their annual Christmas Egg Nog social at our house. I had to get home and cleaned up for their arrival. So I will have to try them out another day. 


mills said...

Watching television is another good way to distract your mind while walking on a treadmills. Turn on your favorite show and start walking. Chances are you will forget once again you are exercising at all.

don said...

Jill, you are doing great, keep up the good work and maybe you can take Kris out for an Iowa run when he arrives.

don said...

What has happened in Iowa, have you fallen off the wagon? Hope you had a great time and enjoyed family and friends.