Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So.........Chub Rub

Kris hates when I make reference to “Chub Rub”. He hates when I make any reference to being overweight. But I am. And am likely to stay that way.  
Anyway, chub rub effects all types of runners. Chub rub is just skin chaffing due to friction. But it’s more fun to say, “Oh man! Serious Chub Rub!” than “Man I’m chaffed!”
After the Bull Canyon Run this year, I was telling Kris, “Oh Man! Serious Chub Rub!” He glowered. But it was true! The worse of it is on my thighs. Ouch! and I have a small patch on my right arm. Why I didn’t get it on both arms I’ll never know. 
Anyway, the Bull Canyon Run is 6.2 miles. I had done 8 miles the weekend before and no chub rub. In fact I haven’t had any chub rub in....I can’t remember when so why now? 
Duh! It was warm the day of the Bull Canyon Run and I wore shorts and my singlet. Normally, I’ve been running in the morning. Chilly. So I am used to running in lycra from head to toe. 
You know what this means? I need to find some cute capris to run in on warm days. 
I am the only woman I know who hates to shop; except for athletic wear and gadgets! Any excuse to hit the running or biking shop I am there! That happens to be where you go to get Glide (anti-chafing lotion or as I like to refer to it: Chub Rub Snub), or if you are a biker “Butt Butter”. 
Tee hee. “Butt Butter” makes me giggle. It’s ‘official’ name is chamois butter. But “Butt Butter” is funnier. Chafing in the biker world is a whole different monster. I’ll talk about that in another post. 
But for now, I have to get to bed. I have to run in the morning.

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