Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for After Work Ride with Barb

Garmin Connect -
Activity Details for After Work Ride with Barb

Click the link to check out the route Barb and I did tonight after work. If you click the player function, check out the point in the beginning of the ride where the marker stops. That's when I fell!


Ron Harton said...

Hi Jill,
That is a great feature for your cycling. Can you add photos to your ride route, too? I won't be cycling this year, but it would be fun to see some of the sites along your rides. Do you have any organized rides booked for this year?


Jill said...

I love the Garmin. It's fun to see the stats and the route. :) I can't do pictures through Garmin. But if I would stop along the route, I could take pictures and post them on the blog. It'd be cool if I could reference the photos on the point of the route they were taken. That would be cool. Hhhmmm. Wonder if there is a way to do that.

No formal ride schedule yet this year. The employee team has pretty much peetered out. So in my area, it's down to Barb and I riding. (Barb rode with us when you and Cindy came down to Santa Maria to ride the Windmill ride).

I believe we'll be riding the 'Cruzin' the Conejo' ride in May. It usually is the first organized ride we do each year. Perhaps, I'll try doing a 'photo ride' that day.

Kris finally did a long (35 miles) yesterday. He hasn't been able to ride for awhile because he's had problems with his knees. He even went to physical therapy. And guess what did it for him? He changed the seat adjustment on his bike and he was fine! Yeah! Easy fix.

Now we're thinking of training for another century this year. We'll see. :)

Thanks for reading my blog. Sure have enjoyed yours! TTYS!