Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Barb and I did a ride today. (Sorry Joyce. It was a last minute deal.) We ran into the Tailwinds group and the Cutters team on our way out. The bikers were out in force today!
(Click the link above to view the route and details)


Anonymous said...

I was very concerned to hear that you and Barb ran into both the Tailwinds group and the Cutter Team today on your bike ride.

Seems to me that if you and Barb would have been a bit more observant you could have avoided at least one of the two crashes.

Hope you have better sights next time.


Anonymous said...

The above anonymous commentator sounds as if they have suffered some previous and serious mental crashes without even having the joy of being on a bike.


Jill said...

R & M, I am happy to report that both Barb and I avoid any major injuries.:)