Sunday, March 21, 2010

Four Days with a "Pellet"

So I mentioned in my last blog that my acupuncturist placed a ‘pellet’ next to my ear to control my appetite. 
Ok, I am open minded and I thought, “Let’s see how this goes.” But I did not expect the results I have experienced. 
I have strong cravings for sugar and french fries specifically but fried foods in general. I also have an appetite for large portions. On the one hand, I burn a lot of calories between running and biking. However, I also have a life time history of overeating. So it is hard to determine if my big appetite is from high activity or just learned behavior. 
But since I have had my “pellet” inserted I haven’t felt hungry. Yikes! This isn’t necessarily good as you may first suspect. It is imperative that we eat! You can not be healthy if you don’t eat. 
So, not having an appetite is good because it takes the ‘edge off’ cravings. But you must remember to eat and eat healthy foods. So let me reiterate that not eating is not good. But having compulsive urges removed helps so much in reestablishing healthy behaviors! 
I can not believe that since I had this pellet inserted I haven’t felt hungry!How is that??? Even after I went for a good run, I didn’t feel hungry. 
So I have had to pay attention to what I have eaten during the day and what I should eat for the rest of the day. Because I am not hungry, I am not thinking of food. I’m not fighting cravings, I’m not obsessing over food. It’s great! 
But I don’t recommend it for people who don’t obsess or over eat. You simply won’t eat which is not a good thing. But for those of us who eat too much or have cravings, it turns off the cravings and tunes out hunger. Which on the one hand, as I said, can be beneficial. But you must be prepared to think about how much and what to eat. Which ironically is what I think most people seek out to avoid. We want a magic pill to take so we don’t need to think. We want to simply remove the desire. 
Well this pellet is taking away the desire. But with it comes a responsibility to really nurture yourself by being mindful and put your attention to what and how much you are eating. 
I would not recommend this to those of us who eat mindlessly either. Because for those of us who eat when we’re not hungry are going to continue to eat when we are not hungry. So I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone. But for those of us who have trouble with cravings or portion control and will pay attention to what we eat, I think this pellet might help. 
My next appointment is on Wednesday. This time I’ll have her work on my injured hamstring. 


klance said...

Wow, that Pellet thing sounds interesting. I have insatiable cravings sometimes and have major trouble with portion control and fast eating. I will let you be my Guinea Pig on this one, but let me know how is goes after a few weeks! Sounds interesting. I may try acupuncture as I start longer runs to relieve some hip and knee pain too.

Jill said...

Boy, I can relate to what you say about cravings and eating fast. That is me to a "T".

I took it out before my next appt and we (the acupuncturist and I) forgot to put another in before I left. Oops!

The acupuncture also seem to help my knee too. Wonder how it does that??!