Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bookended with Zombies

I had a really good run Saturday afternoon.

We had a packed day (as usual for a weekend). I was looking forward to a dinner date with hubby at my favorite place! I was worried about finding time to get my run in. I asked Kris if he would mind if I ran home from the last store our errands would take us to. He said 'sure. '

So I got in my running gear and we headed off to knock off our errand list. Our last stop was Target. So I prepared to run 2.5 miles on a busy road home. That'll get a run on the books. But my sweet husband asked if I'd rather be dropped off at our local park.

It was out of his way, but "I'd rather you run from the park than down Betteravia with all the cars."

Sweet! So that was a great start to my run. I turned on my Zombies, Run! app and after Sam briefed me on the mission my first song started. It was "More Human Than Human" by Rob......Zombie!

How appropriate.

I started running knowing as soon as I got home I'd clean up and enjoy a great dinner date with my husband. Needless to say, I had one of my fastest times!

And the last song to play as I came in from my run? "Cherry Devil" by ......Rob ZOMBIE!

My Zombie mission was bookended by Zombie! Ha! Ha!

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