Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Just real quick. I haven't had time to post about the race yet. Kris and I spent all day on a little boat on the Alaskan ocean. We saw SO MUCH wildlife! Pictures to come soon. (I hope. It all depends on how fast Kris can get them processed and ready to post).

A funny thing happened on the boat. I mentioned having narcolepsy (it actually fit into the conversation) to the deck hand who promptly replied, "Funny, I have Insomnia." So we started talking about how the 20+ hours of daily sunlight effected our sleep disorders. Both of us report doing better in Alaska. I haven't taken any meds since the second day we arrived and have needed less naps!! Sweet!

He said we should move here but I don't know that I could take the winters! Their summers are like California's winters except with more rain and colder temps! No thanks! But I've loved the visit.

We spent the WHOLE day on the boat and even while I'm typing this back at the condo, my hubby and I can still feel the boat swaying and rising up and down. I'm not looking forward to going to bed tonight. It's no fair having bed spins when you hadn't even been drinking!

And here is proof I finished the Half Marathon:

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