Sunday, January 29, 2012

And the Winning Photo Is......

At the beginning of each marathon season, my husband takes my 'promo shots'. These are the picture(s) I use on my letter, cards, website etc. It's sort of 'branding' for each season. This way, my donors can easily identify my various communications as marathon related.

This is the first year we chose an 'action' shot. I like it because most people know I run with my dog. So I like that the picture shows that. Isn't she a good looking dog?!

We went to the beach. So I had to wear my '5 fingers'. I don't train in my 5 finger shoes. But I love walking in them, and if you're going to the beach there is no other shoes to wear. They are great! It's like getting a foot massage as you walk! You can feel the little mounds of sand, pebbles, etc as you walk. But you have a rubber sole so you aren't getting cut etc. Best beach shoes EVER!

Anyway, kick off is today which means I have to get serious about the running schedule. And I still have orders for four beanies to finish. (I'll post pics of my new ones on as soon as I can). So I'll be too busy to get into any trouble for awhile. :)

I'm curious to hear what other people think of 5 finger shoes if you have them. Do you use them primary for walking or are you full-on training in them? Let me know.

PS. Here is the non-action shot we chose for this season. Once again, Heather steals the shot! :) What a cutie!  

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Kira said...

Jill those are GREAT pictures. You and Heather are both beautiful!

I ran in Five Fingers briefly, did way too much too soon and broke a metatarsal bone (stress fracture) in my foot, could not run for 6 months, and almost a year to be completely pain free (I know I have told you before that I am a very slow healer).
But despite that I love the Five Fingers. Running in them felt so good. Since the injury though I only walk in them!

Good luck in your training.