Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heather Has a Heart Arrhythmia....The Good Kind!

So the vet has just told me the results of Molly's blood work (all is good there). And I say, "Hey, before you hang up, I have a quick question about Heather. Last night I gave her a hug and I heard her heart beat. It sounded like it was missing a beat."

I went on to describe how it would beat three times then it'd pause and then beat three times. And it was such a regular pattern that I thought it must not be anything immediate/serious. But wanted to run it past her.

She said, "Oh yes that's thiofalisanictropalopogusicasmic arrhythmia. It is very common in super fit animals and is absolutely ok."

Phew! (I should tell you I made up the word 'thiofalisanictropalopogusicasmic' because I didn't recognize the type of arrhythmia she called it. But it sounded big and important).

She went on to explain that in "super fit" (her exact phrase) animals the heart will slow down when the animal exhales and speeds up again when they inhale. So it sounds like they miss a heart beat. Absolutely a good thing!

I was so proud! One because we have such a fit dog. Two because when I told her, "I try very hard to pay attention to what's going on with my animals." She replied "Yeeeeeah, [pause] I don't have many clients who are in tuned to their dog's heart beat."

Ha! Maybe I'll finally get that nomination for Mommy of the Year?

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Kris said...

I nominate you! You are a great mom!