Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick Run

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Hopefully this is the start back into a running routine. Fell sick and not starting to feel better. YEah!


Ron said...

Hi Jill,
I heard you are thinking of another TNT run. Are you off and running on that? Your run this year was very encouraging to me. I enjoyed following along. Are you a rain-runner? Looks like it might be with us a while.


Jill said...

Hi Ron,

I usually am a rain runner. Love love love the rain! But I have hit a period of unmotivated laziness.

I feel like it's temporary. So I'm sure I'll be back out there soon.

Very excited to do another marathon. I plan to run one a year for cancer research for here on out. I really enjoyed the whole experience and loved feeling like I was using it toward something good.

Glad to hear I was encouraging. You encouraged me too! Not only with your blog which I really enjoy following. But also knowing you were fighting even when tired, sore or not in the mood! Which meant I ran regardless of if I was tired, sore or not in the mood! :)

Hope you'll keep following me! :)