Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chicklit Challenge 2011

As if I didn't have enough to do in 2011, I signed up for the Chicklit Challenge. 12 books in a year which would be super easy if I didn't have a million other goals going on in 2011:

Train for and run second marathon for TNT
Make a million craft items to raise funds for cancer research
Finish writing my book
Redecorate the house
Spend more time on spiritual practices

Oh well, at least 2011 won't be boring!!! :)


Samantha said...

Wow, good luck!! I need to start making my lists for 2011. Hope you enjoy the challenge :)

Brian said...

I did not know that you are writing a book! I am just curious, what is it about?

Jill said...

Endurance sports for regular folks. :)