Monday, October 25, 2010

Part 4: Racing Commandment #3

Don’t be on your feet too much the night before your race.

Our fried Robb lives in San Francisco and we just can’t miss him when we’re in town. We usually only get a few hours with Robb at a time which is a shame because we love to hang out with him. But I needed to stay off my feet and Robb had a halloween party to get ready for that night anyway.

So Robb fought his way through the protesters at the hotel and took us on a tour of the Castro. I have been to San Francisco several times but never made it to the Castro. So I was thrilled when Robb said he’d take us on a tour.

There are several famous bars down there (like the first gay bar with large plate glass windows) and lots of cute shops. I loved the bar named “Moby Dick”. God help me, it made me giggle. But honestly it just doesn’t take much with me.

My favorite store was called “Under One Roof” which has a little of everything and everything was neat. This is where I got almost all the gifts for my triple digit donors. I stayed in there a couple hours there was so much cool stuff to look at. They are are dog friendly so I made some new canine friends as well. And to top it all off, they donate the proceeds to several aids charities. I’m all about helping out. So that was the cherry on top of the shop for me. :)

Castro seemed a little cleaner and a little quieter than the rest of the city. However, I understand it can get pretty wild on the holidays! :)

I wanted to see the location of Harvey Milk’s camera shop. So Robb was kind enough to be sure we went past it. It’s empty now. But still there. I love historic sites.

After the camera shop it was time for lunch. Robb never lets us down with food suggestions either. He took us to a place called “Chow”. Get there early so you don’t have to wait. The food is delish and varied and the staff is great! Loved it!!!

They had a spicy noodle dish that I really wanted to try. But I didn’t think I needed to temp racing commandment #2 again. So I opted for a mellow pizza. It was great!

Sadly, after lunch it was time to say goodbye to Robb so he could get ready for his party and I could take a nap to get ready for mine. The inspiration dinner for the athletes was that night and I wanted to be fresh.
I've said it before, I'll say it again: Robb, you could do movie makeup!!WOW!

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