Monday, April 19, 2010

Miracle Miles for Kids Part 2

An advantage of starting late is that I caught up to the walkers and started passing some of them. That is a boost to the ‘ol ego. 
I wore my Organic Athlete singlet that says “Go Vegan!” on the back. So I was motivated to run as much as I could and when I did walk, I tried not to look wore out. The last thing you want to do is wear something that promotes Veganism and then look tired! 
Less than a mile in, I hit the first ‘inlet’. It was not deep at all. But I was definitely  going to get my feet wet! Just a head of me was a man and his girlfriend. I said, “OK, you carry her over first, then you come back and carry me next.”
He smiled at me and said sternly, “No one carries anyone. You carry yourself!” 
That’s right!
Before the second mile marker we hit our first rock climb. The stroller people were awesome! They just picked up the strollers (kid in them and all) and hauled them up and over and then down the rock. Daaaaaamn! And they would be doing this several more times before the finish line. 

At one point, I think it was well after the half way point, an inlet was so deep they had to install a temporary bridge. This fine fellow had to stand at the ready with a shovel to ensure the bridge wouldn’t get washed out during the race. He did a bang up job! 
The race was tough! It was on sand the whole time (except for when I was scrambling rocks). I had to walk a lot of it. 
It occurred to me that I should start watching for Kris on his way back to the start line. Some day I’ll be able to do a half marathon. 
I was plodding along when a gal a little bigger than me came running  by me. I have never seen a girl as big as me running in a race. I was excited. 
Those of you who know me well know I hope people of all sizes get out and do what they feel like. I don’t want anyone to not try something because thy don’t think they can. 
I wanted to call to her “You go fat girl!” But there’s no way I could possibly say it in a way that she would know I meant it in the best possible way. So I just stepped up my pace and ran next to her. 
I caught a look out of the corner of my eye and I caught her looking at me out of the corner of her eye. She had a smile on her face as if she was thinking, “Run fat girl run!” and I knew she meant it in the best possible way. :) 
We ran next to each other for a few minutes until I saw Kris coming toward me on his way back from the finish line. He looked great! No sweat! Literally. He stopped long enough for us to exchange a mid-race kiss and off he went. 
I knew I would make it to the end of the race. But it seemed like it was a long way off. That’s what running in sand will do to you! But there was one more big obstacle to cover before I could ‘bring it home’. 
There was one very long stretch of rock to scramble over in the last mile. The tide was rolling back in so the rocks were wet and slippery. And the waves would crash in. So you had to time it right. But the participants were bottle necked. So there was no room to get out of the way most of the time. 
I found myself next to a senior couple. The husband was trying to help his wife around the rocks. It made me nervous because I could picture the lady slipping and landing on the jagged rock points. Not cool. She reminded me of my Mom. So I positioned myself right next to her and anchored my feet tight. If she slipped, she was going to fall on me which was fine by me. I have a lot more padding than the rocks do. 
So we worked our way through the rocks relatively unscathed. Then at the end, there was a drop. So I went first and dropped down from the last drop and SPLASH! I didn’t realize how much water was at the bottom and I splash that poor old woman up to her waist! I apologized profusely and ran as fast as I could so she couldn’t see the “Go Vegan” on the back of my singlet. I didn’t mean to give vegans a bad name. OOPS!
I made in past the finish line. I was sore! My hamstring was yelling and I had earned a blister from running in wet shoes. However, it was totally worth it! Not only was the endorphins rush great but I got a free post-run massage while listening to Laks play happy post-run music. 
Kris had made it back to the start line, picked up the car and had driven it just a block away from the massage table. So all I had to do was roll off the table, walk a couple feet and I was chauffeured home in style!


Anonymous said...

You are a lucky one. What great fun. Great story also. So much fun sitting here in our beautiful den on our imported leather love seat, with my lover keeping my coffee hot and to read these neat outdoor adventures of you and Kris.

Thanks for the extra effort. Ras

klance said...

That's awesome! I love reading your details on the races and runs you do. Good job on the race, from the photos it looked like a beautiful day for it. I think it is so sweet that mid-run you and Kris got to kiss, how fun!