Friday, February 5, 2010

Running with Mom

I just discovered something that really makes a run go by fast. 
Call your mom.
I thought I’d give my mom a call while I was doing my warm up walk. So I started the Nike app on my i-phone and placed the call. 
My Nike app coach said, “Pausing work out.” 
Apparently Nike doesn’t think you should run and talk on your cell phone at the same time. But, it’s not like I’m driving. So I hit the “Resume” on the Nike app and, yeah, it let me continue my call and run at the same time. Cool!
My i-phone came with the coolest set of ear buds I have ever seen. They have a mic and volume control one the right wire. So you can answer phone calls and turn up and down the volume on your i-pod without taking your phone off your waist band or out of your pocket. Sweet! 
So I could walk without holding the phone to my ear the whole time. 
Our talk went so well I just kept walking and time flew by. I realized I was going to run out of time to run. So I started running. 
I thought, what a great idea! Everyone knows if you can’t talk when you run, you’re running too fast. So this was a great way to gauge my speed. So I kept talking. And after a short time, I had to talk in short clips. 
Mom said, “You sound kind of out of breath.”
“Yeah, I’m running now.”
“You’re running??” 
“Well be careful!”
“Talking to you is making the time go by fast! Hey Mom. You can tell the people at your exercise class that you ran with your daughter tonight! Ha ha!”
I heard my dad in the back ground. I heard Mom tell him, “She’s running.”
“What!?” my dad shouted. “She’s running on the phone??”
“Yes,”  I heard my mom say. “She sounds pretty tired. So I’m trying to make her slow down!” 
LOL! I love my parents! I giggle every time I talk to them!
So if you’re not in the mood to run, grab your hands free set and call your mother. You’ll get a good workout and you’ll get brownie points from your mom! :) 

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