Monday, February 1, 2010

New Name

Well, you may have noticed the new blog name. 
I have never had one single person say, “Fat Girl Running. That’s a GREAT blog name!” In fact, any feedback I got was along the lines of “Fat girl running? Why’d you choose that name??”
After two years, I finally decided it was time to re-think the title when my tutor at the Apple store came out and said, “Fat Girl Running? That’s a terrible name for a blog!”
The reason I chose that name was that I am not a typical runner. I am short, thick and very slow. I thought Fat Girl Running would capture people’s attention and get people interested in trying things that they want to try but have otherwise been inhibited.
I explained this to the Apple tutor and he repeated, “Terrible name for a blog.”
Sigh. OK. 
So I consulted with my husband who incidentally was the first person (two years ago) to tell me he didn’t care for the name of my blog. He suggested I title it something that would be flexible for varying topics since I don’t blog solely on running. He suggested ‘Up and Down the Hill.’  I agreed. 
So there you go. But running is still my primary interest on this blog. So I thought a sub-title was appropriate. So the offiial new name of my blog:
“Up and Down the Hill: Musings of an Unlikely Runner.” 

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Anonymous said...

Much better. Thanks for listening to me.... after a stranger tells you the same thing two years later. ;) Better late than never.