Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Race Goals (Mayor's Marathon Part 3)

Step One: Catch up to her

That was the first goal I had for the Mayor’s Hal Marathon race. But the gal in the bright blue top did not make that easy! Shortly after I decided my goal in the race was to come in ahead of her, we hit a hill. I do ok on hills. And I was able to pass her almost right away. I thought, “Step one. Check.”
Then, after the loooong slow climb was over and I had been on the flat for only a few yards, a see a flash of blue out of the corner of my eye and I see she’s passing me! 

And so it began. The game of Leap Frog. 

This happens in every race. Over the first couple miles, all the racers sort of fall into position. Everyone spreads out and the field is sorted by pace. While racers may change their pace over the course, you’ll always find a few people that you basically run the whole race with because you are so closely matched and may have similar race plans. Often, you’ll leap frog. You’ll pass them, then later, they’ll pass you and so on and so forth over the whole race course. 

In this race, this actually happened with a few runners. But more on that later. 

So step one, wasn’t quite accomplished. So I kept plugging. 

Working over the course, I was worried  that when we hit the park I’d be eaten by those monster mosquitos that made such a meal of me only two days before. But  I didn’t really notice them. Perhaps because Kris wasn’t there to smack me when they landed on me! But I felt like I got through that piece relatively unmolested. 

Then we headed toward the airport. I was not excited to run the perimeter of the airport. I figured it would be ugly and industrial. While on the left, there was a big ugly airport, watching the planes take off and land was pretty interesting. Besides, on the right was beautiful woods! I kept well distracted by the airplanes on my left and watching for wildlife on the right. Not bad. 

Back at mile two, I realized I needed a potty break. I should have made one more pit stop back at the starting area after waiting an hour and half for us to be sent off. But I didn’t want to miss the start. So here I was, running over three miles of the course with my legs crossed. 

That’s horrible running form! Plus, you look like a serious dork. So I was thrilled when I saw the rest stop at mile five had porta-potties. I hated to take the time off the course. That would give the girl in the blue shirt a big lead on me. But I really didn’t have a choice. So I vered off the course and saw that one of the two johns was in use. So I started to take off my fuel belt. 

I NEVER take my belt into johns with me. It's too hard to be sure it doesn't touch anything in there. Ew. Someone came up behind me. It was the girl in the blue shirt! (Or as I call her in my head 'La Belle  Feme Bleu'). Yeah! She's taking a break too! Phew! 

I told her to go ahead and take the john in front of me as I was still working on my fuel belt and I didn't want her to have to wait when there was a free loo. Come to find out, that was a big mistake. Because as I came out of my john later and I got back on the course, I saw La Belle Feme Bleu was almost half a mile ahead!! 

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