Monday, February 20, 2012

I Only Run For the Cute Clothes!

I think I'm the only American woman who doesn't like to clothes shop. I hate it. It takes too much time and I can't put outfits together to save my life!

Remember Garanimals from grade school? They sold them at Sears. Why don't they make them for adults?? That's what I need. 

But when it comes to running clothes, I could shop for days! They make the cutest athletic clothes today! And they come in big girl sizes! I love running skirts and dresses especially. But I have some favorite tops too. Here are pics of some of my favorite pieces! :) 

My sister gave me this top. I love pink
and the flowers are cute! 
This top is mesh. So it let's you 'tan' while you
wear it. I shouldn't be trying to tan. I have no
melanin. But I still think it's a super cute top.
(Heather likes it too).

This is my first running skirt. It's a Hawaiian
style pattern and of's pink! :)
(This was my first 10k race).
This was our team skirt for the 2011 TNT
marathon in San Francisco. One of my favorites! 

The other girls from my team. I think this was right before
we headed out on our 20 mile training run. 

I added this pic, just because.
This is a coach on the 2011 marathon course. Nice outfit eh? 

My very favorite running dress by Sheila Moon.
It's actually a biking dress but I use it on my runs.
So, how about you? What active wear is your favorite? Share pictures if you have them!!! :) 

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