Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post Marathon Psychosis

The marathon was two weeks ago. It was an amazing experience again this time. Yet so different from last year. Once I've re-gained my mental capacity I'll blog about it. However, this small observation is all I can write about for now....

In the middle of my first season's marathon training I thought, "It'll sure be nice when this intense training is over so I can actually do some things other than eat, sleep and run." By the end of the first season's training I was thinking, "What the heck am I going to do when I don't have to run all the time?"

Well, last weekend we were still on vacation and my husband was doing a half marathon in Oregon. So that weekend was still full of early mornings to go run. No problem.

This weekend was the first weekend we didn't HAVE to get up early and run. In fact, I'm just starting my recovery and I have an over-use injury I'm nursing. So I'm not running much at all right now.

It was a weird weekend. I spent it crafting and reading. Two things I really miss when I am devoted to training. So, I expected to really enjoy it. I did. But I had this nagging feeling like something wasn't right. Also, my body was cranky about not moving or exerting much. I just felt heavy and slow and clumsy. Just kind of icky.

It's so interesting how we get entrenched in the status quo, what ever that may be, and feel 'off' if something changes. Even if it's for the better.

I really thought I would relish in the 'laziness' and time to pursue my hobbies. But no, instead, I felt bothered and a little agitated. But I know it'll be short lived. It's just typical Post Marathon Psychosis! :)

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