Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shame on Nike!

First of all I want all my TNT donors to know that every cent of your donations go the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Not one penny goes to Nike.

Here is a post I left on Nike's Facebook page when I heard they signed Michael Vick. (If you are a humanitarian I urge you to voice your feelings as well to Nike. Let them know this is not acceptable!)

Nike - What are you thinking signing Michael Vick??? You think dog fighting is a sport??? It doesn't matter that your press releases state you don't condone dog fighting. Your association with Vick sends a message that you do. Any company that has such poor judgement to partner with one who participates in inhumane treatment of others is not a company I will do business with. My Nike+ will no longer be used, I will not wear your logo and I will not run any more NWMs. I will speak my mind regarding your poor corporate judgement to all I can reach. After all these years as a loyal customer, I am sorely disappointed. Shame on Nike!


Kris said...

This just shows that Nike does care about anything except the money. They'll push the envelope, whether is has to do with child labor or animal abuse, in order to maximize profits. They have no compassion. Good job for standing up for what you believe even though it is a disappointment. It's one more reason that I love you.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you voiced your opinion. I am really disappointed in Nike for their shortsightedness & short memory. Animals don't change their nature, they just change their behaviour when it suits their needs, and Vick obviously likes $$$ and recognition and Nike apparently thinks that he is a valuable asset. I think they should just leave off the et on that last word and they'll have it right.

klance said...

I'm glad you spoke your mind and agree with you, it is shameful to show any sort of support for an animal abuser.