Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Run After Breaking My Thumb

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Kris ran with Heather today. So I was free to run on my own. I ran in the park near work. It was my first run in a week.

My bronchitis was still lingering and I wondered if I should take a break from running and see if that helped. But wasn't sure I should in case it didn't help. But then I broke my thumb. So that sealed the deal. Running makes your blood pump hard which hurts where your injury is. So I knew I was taking some time off. It came at a good time because we're going through a conversion at work which means you work 12 - 14 hr days for days on end. Which wreaks havoc with my training schedule anyway. Plus, we didn't have team training this Saturday. So I wouldn't even miss a team run if I took the time.

So all the powers of the universe was aligned to have me take a week off running. So I did. And today I felt great!! My bronchitis is much better and I felt strong on the run tonight. Yeah! Rest is good!

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