Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Week Number One and I'm Already Killing Myself!

It’s my first week back from vacation and the first week of marathon training. And I am wiped out!!!

You know how it is when you get back from vacation. It’s seems like two weeks worth of work is piled up on your desk and it takes at least a full day to get through your e-mails alone!

On top of that, the Tour of California is in full swing and I volunteered to work two days of it leaving me with a shortened work week. That may sound great. But when you are trying to catch up from your vacation you really need all five days of the week. So I ended up working 10 -11 hour days. Then had to wake up early on Friday to get to the Tour of California. And the worked entailed standing on my feet all day in the sun. I was wasted by the end of the day!

My feet hurt so bad it was hard to walk back to the car. I was worried about the team run the next morning. So I tried to keep my feet up as much as I could when I got home. But again, I had so much to do at home, I’m afraid I didn’t get much rest. But I made it to the run and through the run.

It’s fun to see everyone on the first day of a new marathon season. People meeting each other and it’s fun to see where people are starting from.

I have a relatively small team for the Nike Full marathon. There are seven of us. It’s early yet. So we may pick up a couple more runners in the next few weeks or so.

I was feeling pretty tired all day today. I tried to keep drinking because I could tell I was dehydrated. (I got a little sunburned at the tour yesterday too and I’m sure that contributed to it). But I had so much to do. I ran around too much and got to feeling really ‘punky’ as my mom would say.

So the kitchen didn’t get cleaned, and the laundry didn’t get finished. But too bad. I can’t run myself into the ground and there’s always tomorrow. (Though I won’t get home from the Tour until late. So they won’t get done tomorrow either). Oh well. There’s always the day after tomorrow!

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