Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hell Week Starts Tomorrow

I was dead tired after this work week and slept 12 hours straight! So needless to say I didn't get up at 5 to get to Atascadero to run with the team.

So I ran in town. I did pretty good (for me). I made sure I hit some hills. Though there was nothing like Ratcliff or Bishop streets. :) I SAGged myself the whole way too. (Stopped in a market at mile ten to get a fresh bottle of water. The patrons kept asking "What's that weird smell?" as I walked by. But oh well). 

Saw a couple cute guys at a bus stop who smiled and said "How you doing?" as I ran by. I think my time would've been better if I didn't stop to get their phone numbers. (Just kidding! Just kidding!)

So now, we're ready for "Hell Week". It's the week in the marathon training with the highest mileage and the long run is 20 miles!

Mentally, I am ready. Physically? I think so. So bring it on. The 20 miler next week. Yeah, that seems pretty scary. But we'll all make it in and we'll be so excited! So it'll be worth it. 

Did an ice bath, and got a massage. So today it's about continuous cycles of ice packs on the hammies and I should be ready for the big mileage starting tomorrow. :) I'll let you know how it goes!


Kris said...

Funny, I think you are ready physically, but I'm not sure about mentally. But really, I have never been sure about you mentally. You wouldn't even be training for a marathon if you were ok mentally, so why start worrying about it now? ;)

klance said...

Have fun with hell week! You will do great! I'll be thinking about you on Saturday!