Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Moon Over Jill

When Heather (the dog) and I went out on our run today the wind was biting cold. I hate being cold! But I knew I wouldn’t be cold for long. Besides, tonight was a short run.

We went to the field where we usually run at night after work. I found that if I run after my training session at the Y I have better runs. Probably because my muscles are so warmed up at that point.

Tonight was a great run! Though rather than being a result of an extended warm up, I think the quality of the run was more due to the night itself.

The sky was so clear the stars were twinkling! Also the moon was a sliver. And to be running in the fresh crisp air propelling myself by my own energy, in the dark just me alone was spectacular!

I would recommend it for anyone!

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