Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Part 8 - On With the Run

I made it up on over hill hell and was treated with a spectacular site, as I was running down a street, there were a line of motorcycle cops blocking a side street. I have always had a “thing’ for motorcycle cops and I know what it is. It’s the boots! Those shiny slick tall black boots. Yum!! And here were six motorcycle cops all lined up like lollipops in a candy store! Yep! They needed to be licked! Uh hum. Sorry.

So I stopped to take their picture. The funniest thing, I couldn’t see the viewer on my camera because the sun was glaring on it. But I tried to aim it so I got a wide shot of all of them from head to toe. But when I checked the pictures when we got back all I had shot was their feet!!! How funny!

By the second water stop I was dehydrated again. This time there were cups! Yeah! But I had discovered something back at the first water stop. Lot’s of water spills on the ground as people grab up and toss away their cups. Also, a lot of the cups are dropped on the ground and the runners trample on top of them. The cups are coated in wax and that wax gets spread on the road from the runners trampling across them. So it’s very slippery. So I knew to be careful. I slowed down, grabbed my cup drank and made sure I tossed it in the garbage. I turned back toward the road and just stepped out and started to run again when I heard a yelp right behind me.


I felt someone kick the inside of my ankle. I could tell by the angle of the kick that someone was falling behind me. I was determined not to let them take me down with them so I just tried to jump to get out of their way and tried to land as far forward without slipping myself. Luckily I have great balance and I landed out of the way of the person and didn’t slip myself. I knew the person had fallen and etiquette dictates that I turn around and help the person up. I would hate to disappoint Emily Post. So I turned to help the person up.

There on the ground was a young lady holding up a beer can while she caught herself with her other hand.

“I didn’t spill my beeeeer!” she proudly called to the crowd. People cheered! I looked at her beer and was not surprised to see it was a domestic……Budwiser…..light.


Have you ever noticed that the beer cans that are left littered around our world are usually cheap domestics? There’s a reason for that. That’s all I’m going to say.

So I reached down to give her a hand up and ask, “You ok?”

“Yeah!” she said, “I didn’t spill my beer!”

“I see.” I replied with a kind smile.

Emily Post would be proud.

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