Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bull Canyon Run 2009 – Part 2 - What I Wore

Let’s start out with the most important information. What did I wear to my first running event in almost 10 years?

I had to wear my cute pink running skirt.

I love running skirts! They are so girly and cute! And especially since it took a LOOONNG time for women’s running to be accepted, I like to think I make a statement in it. “Yeah, I’m a girl and Yeah, I’m running!”

But to be honest I think most of the people running today are too young to remember those times when women weren’t allowed (yes I said “allowed”) to run because (I’m not joking here) popular belief was that not only were women too delicate to run but their uteruses would jiggle out and there goes their ability to bear children. OMG!!!

So instead of making a significant political statement, I usually just end up confusing the men. “Is she running in a skirt?” “She’s wearing shorts under there right?” “What is she wearing under there?”

Seriously, once in awhile I can see guys take a double take and then get a funny look on their face while they try to sort out my wardrobe choice. It’s pretty entertaining.

I wear a skirt when I go mountain biking every year at Mammoth Lakes Mountain Bike Park. It’s even more fun there because the guys who use too much attention trying to find out if they really saw a girl riding in a skirt usually go off trail and crash. Then I giggle. (I know, I’m a little bit evil).

I know you’re curious; of course I wear shorts under the skirt! Are you kidding me?? I could just see me tripping and going ass over tea kettle, as they say, and my big white butt reflecting the sunlight so intensely the nearby runners are blinded. There’s a lawsuit waiting to happen I’m sure.

So I wore a plain white tank top as the skirt has pretty, white hibiscus flowers on it giving it a very Hawaiian feel. The Cou de gras was that I had a pair of biking socks that matched the skirt perfectly! The same pink and same flowers. My biking and running socks are both made from the same technical fabric so I can wear them for either sport.
Another cross over garment was my bolero. A couple years back I found a great alternative to the run of the mill arm warmers bikers use. The typical arm warmers are just tubes of lycra with elastic at each end. You put the arm warmers on your arms like socks with the feet cut off. The problem with these are that the elastic either cuts off the circulation in my upper arms when they are new and they slide down annoyingly when they get old. Additionally, since there are two of them it is easy to lose one.

A bolero is like a jacket that has been cut off just under the arm pits. So you slip it on like a jacket but you are only covering your arms and shoulders. So you get warmth only on your arms with no circulation problems, no stretching over time and no chance of dropping half of it behind you when you pull them off mid-ride.

My bolero is a light lime green that seemed to complement my pink shorts nicely. I knew I wouldn’t need it for long. But it was a little cold on the way out. So I decided to bring it with me.

I was the slowest runner out there. But I was the best dressed and as far as I could see, the only one in a skirt! 

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